Kelly “Red” Belmonte

Kelly’s love of make-up began as a child. In high school she worked on plays, musicals and even haunted houses (where she began to learn prosthetics and all the “fun” make-up) just to satisfy her cravings for the fantasty life. Kelly graduated from high school and moved to Las Vegas in 1988 to pursue her dream. In 1996, she began working professionally as a body painter. Kelly excels at beauty, high fashion, airbrushing…and being a full-time mom with two kids. She feels she is on of those rare, lucky people that had a dream as a kid and is living that dream today. Now with Naked Vegas, she is taking that dream with her full bravado and tenacity to the next level by starting an official body painting business in Vegas.

Nix Herrera

With his guy-liner and dyed hair, Season 2 Face Off contestant Nix is the Lady Gaga of body painting. Usig mixed-media styles like Shepherd Fairy or Banksy, Nix’s perfectionism led him to body paint for numerous celebrity parties, as well as major events at the Playboy Mansion. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Payboy, Fangoria, Makeup Mag, and Wizard Comics. Nix tends to procrastinate but loves the drive of competition and flirting with the girls.