mehron.com: Body Paint Camouflage That Is Absolutely Amazing

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Most models don’t exactly blend into the background. They typically steal the spotlight and draw much attention. And that attention is usually tenfold for models wearing basically nothing but body paint. The Naked Vegas recently team turned the tables with body painting that wasn’t exactly meant to shine under the lights, but was still a show-stopper.

The team fashioned quite a surprise for some important high rollers – the betting, not the paint kind. A casino client wanted the team to turn their dealer-tainers into Roman statues. When it was time for the table games to begin, they would come to life. But Wiser had a better plan – body paint camouflage.

It wasn’t an easy task – one wrong angle or miss coloration could ruin the entire effect. This effect also required that all of the body painting had to be done on site. Once they arrived, the team got to work figuring out where the high rollers would sit and what they could and couldn’t see from their seats. They decided to blend the models in with the wall decor on opposite ends of the room for the most impact on the most people. Their plans and designs paid off when the high rollers practically jumped out of their seats as the models walked towards them. Now that is what we call fabulous body paint camouflage!

The Naked Vegas team created the amazing effects using Paradise Makeup AQ and Metallic Powder. We think the results were truly incredible – and can’t wait to see what they have planned next! Watch Naked Vegas on Syfy on Tuesdays.

Naked Vegas Golden Gate Casino Body Painting

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SOURCE: Mehron – The Make Up Leader http://mehronblog.blogspot.com/2013/11/body-paint-camouflage-that-is.html