examiner.com: Inside the Art of Body Painting, tonight on Syfy

Any show with the word ‘Naked’ in the title has to be provocative, right? Well, the new Syfy Show “Naked Vegas” certainly holds true to that idea, but in a very good way.

Highlighting the art of body painting, “Naked Vegas” takes viewers inside the collaborative process that uses human skin as a canvas to display unique creations.

When casinos, clubs, events, conventions, celebrities, magicians, fashion designers — or anyone in between — wants to throw a memorable opening, they call the Naked Vegas Team.

These five accomplished artists – including Nicholas “Nix” Herrera from Syfy’s hit series “Face Off” – comprise Las Vegas’ hottest and most innovative body painting company, creating amazing displays of artwork on naked female and male models.

Body painting as an art form has come a long way, according to “Naked Vegas” showrunner Terence Michael. “In the past, people have only seen body paint on Sports Illustrated models or on that magazine cover of Demi Moore years ago,” explains Michael. “For the first time, viewers will get to see everything that goes into it.”

Artist Kelly ‘Red’ Belmonte elaborates, saying, “People think that we just twirl some brushes and splash some paint around, but to prepare we really toil to figure stuff out. We work extremely hard to take this to a whole different level. We put our blood, sweat and tears into everything we do and I think it really shows.”

Just in time for Halloween, the first episode follows the Naked Vegas Team as they plan an over-the-top zombie-themed wedding at Eli Roth’s Goretorium at Planet Hollywood. Not only does the wedding couple want to stagger down the aisle in zombie body paint, but they want the entire wedding party painted to match the theme! Can the Team pull off this challenging make-up assignment — and convince the wedding party to go naked?

The nudity issue is a factor for clients, both everyday people and professional models as well, but there’s a plus side to the skin factor says Nix. “We show people that it’s ok to be comfortable in their own skin. This gives everyday people the opportunity to experience that.”

Belmonte agrees and says that a transformation happens once the paint is applied. “It’s interesting to watch. They’re scared and nervous and here you are painting them and gluing things to them and you’re really close up on their backside and all of that, but in the end, they love it and they want to show it off. It happens every single time. In the end, they walk away happy and they always want to do it again.”

Coming up this season on “Naked Vegas,” the artists work with the legendary Penn & Teller in a magic act; they bring a steampunk comic book artist’s characters to life and paint a Playboy lingerie party.

Michael want viewers to know that while the program is title “Naked Vegas” that, “Leaving out the naked models, this show is really a backstage pass to Vegas.” He reveals, “Viewers get to see a lot of things that they’re not going to see anywhere else, like, you get to see how Penn and Teller put together a trick, how all the elements of a music video come together and things like that. It’s a lot of behind the scenes.”

But at the end of each event, the team’s hard work ends up, sadly, floating down the drain as the paint is washed from the human canvas.

“It’s a bit sad to watch it all of that hard work be washed away,” says Belamonte. “But that’s the beauty of photography. You take some brilliant photos of your model showcasing what you’ve done. That lives on. It won’t just be there for a few hours. That will be in someone’s heart and soul forever.”

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