Till Death Do Us Part

Kelly pitches the wedding clients on full-body zombie paint.

Oh – M – Gee!

The overdue arrival of the maid of honor only increases Kelly’s stress.

Full Proof

Wiser realizes his water test might not reflect the reality of a Vegas pool’s super-high chlorine levels.

Multi-Purpose Nipple Covers

The many uses of nipple covers.

Optical Illusions

Nix walks viewers through the geometry of creating optical illusions.

Tricks of the Trade

Penn explains a card trick — and how a body-painting job fits into it.

Deep Cleansing Breaths

The team starts work on the anatomy models while Drew helps a flailing Kyle with the concept of oxygen in the bloodstream.

Light Bulb Goes Off…Literally

When Nix needs googie inspiration, a lightbulb goes off…literally.

Hit It!

The the Jabbawockeez break it down. Enjoy!

The Chocolate Factory

Chef Carla tells red to lose the drop cloth, but there’s just one little problem–the model’s body art isn’t dry just yet. Eeep!